Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Sorry U Never Said

there are people out there, with their own ego SO HUGE, they just refuse to swallow their pride or never wanted to apologize when they should. this really ticks me off.

do u have that kind of time.....when that whosoever does something u really dislike, but they know u dont like it....

but then they refuse to apologize...and they think it's ok, no big deal.....

and they act like what they did wasn't wrong at all...

and they never had the thought of apologizing...

...yeah..that kind...

im sure u understand what kind of "ticked off" i meant. u thought they really understand u, but they dont. why? bcoz they dont want to, thats why

therefore, we should plant the seed for asking for forgiveness within us..

and also,

THAT is why WE should apologize,
coz we might be doing the same thing to others

“I guarantee a house in Jannah (Paradise) for one who gives up arguing, even if he is in the right; and I guarantee a house in the middle of Jannah for one who abandons lying even for the sake of fun; and I guarantee a house in the highest part of Jannah for one who has good manners”
- riwayah Abu Dawud -

i really hope this hadith above here is enough for us to give up an argument..

sure it's hard enough to forgive, but another hard thing is to ask for forgiveness, due to our own personal ego that thinks we are always right, and we did nothing wrong..

here is one fact from me


i had to learn that the hard way...
so i hope u dont mind listening to me apologizing

which i hope u would do the same...

Allah bless u all

p/s: forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza - michelangelo (ninja turtle) -

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

True Description. Pls Make it False...

i've been always picked last for teams
i wear my brother's jeans
i've been a loser kid

and around me didnt care
they just left me sitting there
i dont know what i did

girls always laugh at me
my first crush thought i was crazy
she never considered me not even a little bit

she was one year younger
with her friends she's so much cooler
laughing at me they did

since then
it's been haunting me

coz i've always been the loser kid
who always ran away and hid

no one took the time to know me
the "kick me" sign is always on me

and still nobody wants to know
what i do and where i go

at least i know they wont forget me
coz im tall but look like a baby... ☹

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Sorry Guys but This is Why I hate Football / Soccer

above ALL the things guys can be obsessed of, it's football. yes. it overcomes chocolate. it overcomes facebook. it overcomes studying. it can even overcome their sleeping time.

to me, it's very weird. it wasnt before, but it is now..

yes, i used to be a football fan. i used to support arsenal, not a very long time ago. ok, it WAS quite a long time ago. back when dennis bergkamp was still playing. there was my favourite duo, thierry henry (pronounced like "on-ree" btw. he's french, for God's sake..) and dennis bergkamp. the magic players....

oh i also liked newcastle, where my second favourite player was in: alan shearer...
the top scorer i have ever known..

but then it got me thinking....
i had so many questions in my mind...couldnt think of all of them right now

why am i so obsessed with this?
and what good does it do for me?

does being obsessed in football make me a better player?
does remembering player's names get into exams?
is it even FUN to remember their names?

can obsessing in football get me to heaven?

to me, no, i guess not.

that last question took it all out of me. since then, i have no interest whatsoever in football.

that last opinion got me thinking about my friends...who are still obsessed with the thing
i dont dare to ask them why do they like football. it would just ruin our friendship

i just love watching them do some tricks and score
but i dont play, i dont wanna commit myself to playing anymore

yes, football can get myself healthier and stronger...but i totally lost interest in it.
im sorry guys, but i quit playing football....

i dont care what u think. i just dont wanna play anymore
so for God's sake, stop forcing me. i'll play if i wanna play

Allah bless u all

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

pls note that silent and vengeful (SnV)is infected with malware. pls remove that title from your page, and then re-follow this one.

no, bukan nak pancing followers, no

ada kawan sorg ni dia tgk blog lame sy, then kena infected jgk. so pls, i just want to make sure no one gets this malware from osptp again.

sorry for the trouble,

yours truly, amier

Friday, March 12, 2010

It Hurts.....

there are lots of things going on with my body right now. physical pain. no, no one caused it. i guess it's my own fault. again. as usual.

i'd suppose i'll start from head to toe

the most painful part is in my mouth. my gums on the left side of my lower jaw hurts i almost cried. i wouldn't say it hurts like hell, coz this is nothing compared to hell. many think that there is a tooth beneath the gum, so i think so too. the gums are swelling too, i just realized that a few moments ago

let's move lower, to my chest. sometimes pain occur exactly on my heart, i dont know why. doctor said it was bcoz of stress or something. honestly, i think it is. but i didn't know stress can be this bad. when the pain happens it would just be like about...2minutes? or 3...yea its just for a little while. thats why i dont try to make it a big deal. but it still worries me

we then move lower on to my stomach. as u cannot see here, my tummy looks perfectly fine. except that it looks deceptively flat......with packs on it, no doubt ^_^

moving lower....let's skip that one. let's go behind......

yes, it one of my most critical illness....but it doesnt happen all the time. i'd poop out blood. no i dont think it should be a shameful disease, but a serious medical illness which needs professional help

moving lower, we'll find that my the skin on my legs are very dry. yes, it bcoz of the dry weather we have here in Australia, which makes me all prickly and dry like dead old leaves. yea, i know vaseline or moisturizers are the answer.

well, thats pretty much it. any doctors?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to be Angry

Does it get on your nerves when someone tells u something that is contradictory to what u have in mind? i do. but then if it's true and harmless, then i dont have any problem with it. but it doesn't work that way with everyone. some people will always think they have to be right. eventhough their opinion is actually on the wrong side of the bread

heck, u know that we ourselves have this little demon inside of us we call ego. we always think we are right. it is, apparently, in THAT state that we uncontrollably lose ourselves, which then triggers other parts of our self-complicating emotions that will run wild and then u dont know what's goin on anymore.

next thing u know u'll be angry at everyone. some friend comes up and say "hey there! how's it goin??" but then u'll display that fake smile of urs for a sec and say "good", then just walk away without saying anything else coz u're in a bad mood.
or, u juz yell at em for no reason, or the reason itself would be bcoz u're angry. so dont u think the friend that just wanted to say hi deserves to be treated like that?

i dont think so....

on the other hand, there are people who, like myself, keep it inside, but not tell anybody, except for themselves. that's right. just...silence. they just try to lock it up within, but never forget it. it's called vengeance. sounds like a good thing right? at least u dont hurt or yell at anyone.


it'll eat u up inside, chew u like a chewing gum then spit u out and leave u on the ground where people will step on u and then when they knew u're on their feet they rub n scrub u off against the wall till u come off.. and u wont feel a thing....hey, not feeling a thing is NOT a good thing

so? how are we supposed to be angry?

"La taghdhab"

excuse me?

"Don't get angry"

oh yes, that was exactly what Muhammad s.a.w. said.
in case u dont know what that was about,

a man came up to the prophet s.a.w. and said "advise me"
the prophet said "don't get angry"

anger is something that is regarded as generally blameworthy

so, here are simple "what we should do's" when we get angry...

1. Ta'awuz. the "i seek refuge in Allah from satan" one..

2. go get your ablutions. it might sound crazy that if u get angry, u suddenly have to go to the bathroom, but trust me. ask Allah to cool u down

3. change your posture. if u are standing up, then sit. if u are sitting, then lie down. if u are lying down, then bang your head against the wall (naah just kidding)

4. Shut up and think first. some people just keep on blabbering on what they think is right, they don't even care or listen to what others have to say. so stop being such a b*tch, calm down, and listen....or read, if u are messaging. whateva logic

so, if u ever get angry, then for God's sake, DON'T...coz if u do, then u are the one who is causing the actual problem

Allah knows best

Monday, March 8, 2010


salam, sorry about my earlier blog. was infected with malware. dont know how it got there, but it certainly was a pain in the B-hind. want me to introduce myself again?

mein name ist Amier
lahir kat KL, grew up in Bangi till 8, then Kajang sampai skarang
first went to Tadika Ana, Bangi (fuh...ingat lagi tu.....)
kmudian SRK Bandar Baru Bangi (Jln 2 kot...), pastu pindah Kajang
then SK Saujana Impian, (SKSI not SEKSI, ok?)
lepas tu SMK Saujana Impian, sampai pmr
then.....the proudest moments of my education life, di MRSM Transkrian, P.Pinang

lepas spm, PLKN Cancun Park Pasir Mas,
then dapat result spm
lepas tu, blaja foundation kat kdu
and now....tadaa..kangaroo world..

bachelor of science, major in geology

totally nothing special about me.
anyone who thinks about me will be deeply appreciated. seriously.
hope kamu semua live your life to the fullest