Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Winter Trip Diary 2010

Day 1 - Adelaide 4th july

i got to meet paku, fikri, nik, and syahr of SQ for the first time. they were wonderful. i reunited with nabil, hasbi and bandu there.

that night we drove to Day's. our winter trip briefing.
i reunited with moja, aizat n umair. it was quite a while since i last saw them too.

i met zulus (which i used to call him by his full name almost half of the trip. sorry zulhusmi!), mock, yus, amri, thaqif, syahir, chom, amir, hakim, danial, isa, syiha, imin, afifi, sep, naim, fuad, rizwan, ibam, annas, izzudin, amin, norman, topek, radzi, irwan, aznan, and faruq (my original inspiration to come study in australia!)

oh ya i met safwan my transkrian senior! the last time i met him was at a masjid near KBU. weird.

Hari ke-2 Adelaide ke Sydney

sblum kami brtolak ke syd, sy trjumpa ikram. dah lama tak jumpa dia. sjak 2008 kot.
kmudian kami brtolak

brhenti kat mane ntah kami makan n solat. travel punya travel, jd co-driver, (takleh jd driver. lesen dah expired), stop n makan n solat, smpai jgk esok hari di sydney..

Day 3 - Sydney

stop pertama kami kat malaysia hall, kami trjumpa pegawai2 jpa dgn mara. (rasa kekok plak sbb sy bkn student mara or jpa. insyaallah jpa next sem. amin ya Allah!)

kmudian kami jln2 ke opera house, naik feri, jalan2 makan smpai malam.
then tidoooo kat lakemba mosque.
sangat selesa...

Hari ke-4 - Sydney, ke Canberra

from lakemba, we went to Pady's market. shopping3!
(i didnt buy anything, unfortunately. i have no idea what to buy)

then we marched on to canberra, reaching there at night.

we met the Malaysian High Commission people, n then drove to Perisher Valley..the peak of our trip

Day 5 - Perisher Valley!

setelah brtahun2 ku mengidam nak sentuh salji, akhirnya trcapai jua...
sy main salji, main salji, n main salji.


smpai petang, dah nak mgrib kot, kami brtolak ke...Melbourne!

Day 6 - Melbourne

kat melbourne, ape lagi. shopping laa! savers! victoria market! :D

lpas shopping kat savers, kami makan kat Blok-M. wallahi sedap giler..

at night, we saw some fire shoot out from some pillars. they come out every hour, i think.

then we went up eureka skydeck. we can see the whole melbourne kot!

Day 7 - the Great Ocean Road!

another spectacular scenery! most amazing, subhanallah!

rocks n land formed by erosion..see the pics on fb. i dont wanna show u here.

Day 8 - back to Adelaide...

their winter trip ends. but not mine! muahaha!
but we all rest n rest n rest n rest.

Day 9 - Adelaide

went around adelaide. victoria square, glenelg, adelaide uni. makan nasi ayam k-noodle!

then ada program malam bersamamu palestin! now that was MY ending of my winter trip...

Day 10 - Back to the West

paku was with me to the very end of my stay in adelaide. now that was amazing. only a great person can tolerate my behaviour. nonetheless, paku was great...

all in all, my whole stay was great. may God bless u all in adelaide, in sydney, in canberra, and in melbourne.

thank you for making this trip amazing...

the lessons will be posted later. thank you...