Sunday, September 25, 2011

"You Think You Know a Person"

Have you ever had that time where you are befriend a person, and then he or she is nice and all, everything's good about em, life is good, yadda yadda yadda.

And then suddenly he does something bad. I mean really bad. Something out of the ordinary. Something unusual for you to see in him. It's like he does something that makes you irritated or annoyed.

And then you go "so that's his true colours. Now I know what kind of person he is."

You should be ashamed of yourself to think that way. Seriously.

Why is it that you see one bad thing in him, and you think you know what kind of person he is?
How is that you've had him be so nice to you,  and you never said anything about that?
You never even considered that there is something wrong happening around him, making him act unusually weird.

If you think you can judge a person by one of his bad action, then you should think about how bad YOU are. If you think you're so great and good, then let me tell you, YOU are weird. YOU are bad. YOU STINK. You should just go into some corner and die.

P.S. No inspirational and educational purposes in this one but one message. HUSNUZHON IS ALWAYS THE BEST