Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Soft Heart is the Strong

Joy overflow upon meeting
Tears flow from the eyes upon departing
Smile upon the face of the beloved
Sincerely of love and nothing less

Disregarding problems
Ignoring voices with mood swings
Anger in speech
That is not strong
That is pure arrogance. Ego of the obvious.

Upon guilt is the instinct to beg forgiveness
Unforgiven induces self-destruction
But strong enough to avoid suicide
That is soft. But strong.

Staying quiet in anger
Voice out softly the disagreements
Mature dialogue without raising voices
That is the calm spirit of the soft heart

Strong as the sword swings of Umar. Soft as the voice of Ibn Masuud.
Guilty as Abu Dzar requesting forgiveness from Bilal with head in the dirt ready to be stepped.
Not the best as the Prophet, but those are the traits that he left behind.

Be Soft. But Be Strong.