Friday, August 9, 2013

Myself, Probably Thyself too

I've been doing some research upon myself lately, because I have noticed something quite peculiar about myself. I noticed this after observing differences between me and my surrounding friends, close by or online. 

I discovered that what I have found about myself is not uncommon, but I'm still in the dark to find out that is it actually healthy, or not. Some people may consider this to be a disorder, and that is what got me thinking if it is a healthy condition, or likewise. Nonetheless, what I found out about myself is rather enlightening and explanatory than a complete shocker. 

After answering some quizzes and reading reports on behaviours online, this is what i have confirmed about myself.

The questions in this quiz are shockingly precisely related to my everyday life. I could say 100% of the questions were answered true. After answering this, I have discovered that...

Yes! I am an introvert! 

Is it bad? I have no idea, but I, to be completely honest, am absolutely comfortable with myself like this. What I am worried about, is how this might affect my deen, and also how this may affect my many friends, who might just not think of me as a friend anymore, but rather as an acquaintance.

Yes it worries me, but to be completely honest, I accept that because that is probably what I deserve. 

To note, introversion does not accurately mean shyness. But yes, shyness is a big component in introvert behaviour.

Here is somewhat a closely accurate way of dealing with people like me.

I really hope people will accept me. I'm not really sure how I develope this sort of behaviour. It wasn't really influenced by anything...

It's just that I happen to grow up to be like this. 

I really hope people would forgive and accept me.  

السلام عليكم