Saturday, December 21, 2013

Failure after Failure after Failure after Failure..

Let me tell you the stepping stones to my failures.

I had the chance for the JPA scholarship interview, but I failed it.

I had the chance for excelling in KDU Foundations without trouble. I failed it, but passed, nonetheless.

I failed Environmental Geoscience or Geology 108 in first year. Technical difficulties, but failure nonetheless.

I failed Mineralogy and Geochemistry, and Igneous Petrology in second year, but passed it the next year.

I failed Environmental Geoscience of the third year version, but passed it after waiting for almost a year.

I failed in the visionary brotherhood. Failed at becoming the backbone of a pious and loving community.

I failed at becoming a better man.

and yet,

Here it is, failure after failure after failure, a gracious mercy from Allah to pass my degree. Some people may pass theirs without doubts or failures, so it isn't so big to them.

But this...this is a blessing that I have worked, and stumbled for a very long time. This, is a very big thing for me.

Any good things that come after I get a job, are gifts solely out of mercy from the Almighty. Those will be things I do not ask for.

Thank You. Alhamdulillah.