Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's All You

Let us be thankful that year after year we are able to experience the blessed month of Ramadhan for us to concentrate on our ibadah. It is this time of year that the reward of our deeds will be multiplied, but let us not forget that the "reward" of our wrongdoings will also be of equal measure.

For in fact, it is this time of year that the devil is cuffed and won't be in the way for us to do anything good. That, my friends, is a very big deal.
Because this is the time of year that we reveal to ourselves our nafsu, without any whispers from syaitan.
This time, we can look in the mirror and see what we have become throughout the year. We can see how our hearts have improved and grown, or degrade and decay.

Look in the mirror, brother.
No temptations. No whispers. No devil.
Just you.

So the next time you feel bad or lazy within this month, don't blame the devil. This is the time to train. Then in the future, you can stop blaming the devil. We truly have no one to blame but ourselves. Let's colour ourselves this Ramadhan.

It's all you, bro. Fight brother fight!

Ramadhan Kareem.


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  1. Macam nice pulak terbaca posting ni during bulan puasa :)

    Ramadhan Kareem, bro!